Scarf Tying 101: 19+ Ways to Tie A Scarf Like The Queen Of Scarves

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There are so many ways to tie a scarf.

Adding a scarf to your outfit can be as easy as tying it around your neck, draping it over your shoulders or tying it on your handbag.

But we want to skip the basic, boring scarf tying style that you’re used to and introduce you to 19+ fresh and exciting ways to tie a scarf courtesy of Claudy Amoreira:

1. Style the Twilly

The Twilly is an Hermès scarf crafted from luxurious silk twill and measuring 32” x 2”.

Usually colorful, these silk scarves are often tied in the hair, around the neck, hreaded through belt loops, as a snazzy bracelet or to accessorize an Hermès bag.

Got this fun fashion accessory? Try tutorials to enhance your personal style using the Hermès Twilly.

2. Upgrade Your White Shirt

There are few wardrobe essentials that we lean on more…I want to believe that the white shirt is on that list for you too.

Whether yours is made from crisp cotton or soft silk, the tailored shape of a white shirt makes any outfit feel instantly elegant.

However, upgrading it a little more won’t hurt the look, right? Just grab your silk scarf already!

3. Beat the Cold with the Blanket Scarf

These scarves are also warm and thick, keeping you cozy without adding too many extra layers.

However, their big size can make it a little intimidating to style, as it’s easy to get ourselves tangled up in all that fabric.

Fortunately, these styles to wear a blanket scarf will keep you warm and stylish for whatever the occasion may be.

4. Wear the Winter Scarf like a Goddess!

One of the main issues people all also have with winter scarves is that they can be too long and big.

Depending on the way you tie it, you often have more fabric than you need, which can be frustrating.

Fortunately, these stylish ideas will ensure you get a put-together look without all the overhanging fabric.

Skip the boring winter scarf looks!

Who doesn’t love a good cape? If you don’t have a cape on hand or are looking to switch things up, make one using your larger winter scarf.

This look is perfect for going out to dinner, the airport, or the movie theater—all places where the temperature is always a little colder than you convince yourself it will be.

5. The Neckie

Is there a more quintessential accessory than a well-styled scarf?

And perhaps the most classic way to tie one is around the neck.

Whether it’s the French knot, Italian twist, shoulder bow or knotted double loop, you can’t go wrong with the little neckie.

6. Wear like a Folklore

If you have a large square scarf with vibrant florals, wear it as a costume t complement any basic outfit.

7. 2-In-1 Beanie & Scarf

Who said a large winter scarf can’t go both ways?

In this look, the scarf doubles as a beanie to keep your ears and head covered whilst warming up your neck. I love it!

8. Like a Dress

To make a very summery dress, ideal for festivals and summer nights, you just have to find a large scarf or scarf and make a tie to give it a kimono-like shape.

Wrap it around your body and tie it or belt it up.

We have no doubt that you will be a trend setter!

Clearly, scarves are a versatile accessory that lends an opportunity for creative expression to your daily dressing routine. From adding warmth to adding color, scarves are an essential item in your wardrobe.


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